Letter from Heinz Grill on the seminar in May 2016 and the course participants

Dear participants, friends and interested persons,


Two courses in rhythmic interaction, the ‘spiritual seeing’ and to a medical theme, have successfully taken place in May. Although the medical course is motivated by a highly technical research, a few arguments of spiritual contemplation could be brought into the experience.

Both courses had a relatively closely related theme: the Mars forces, in other words those cosmic light influences, which on the one hand promote a detachment, a structural dissolution, an awareness in the thoughts and senses, and on the other hand stabilize the iron process within the body. The successful awareness processes to the outside give subsequently in the human physiology a healthy basis and this particularly in the regulatory, compensatory and incarnation supporting functionality of ferrous metal (iron) in the blood.


For the study to extrasensory knowledge are two basic processes that are distinguishable from each other. The former is certainly known and is generally often almost automatically practiced, which is studying different thought content from the humanities and scientific or artistic written sources. This reading and studying in the various source documents, however, requires a second activity, which is very unusual, and therefore, for the forming of higher knowledge should absolutely be mentioned: the practitioner adopts before themself the best possible observations and thought content, and in the concentration practice leaves these placed in the imagination freely before oneself, they leave them to take effect, while they perceive them intensively. The best one could say, they let the thinking to the thought-basis in present consciousness, until it reveals itself with its expanded truth content.


In both courses it was obvious, that for many participants it can be relatively difficult to orientate themself in this discipline of concentration, that they can easily escape back into associations or previously acquired knowledge and in this way the moment of the so-called ether forces (the so-called reflecting-back ether) can not lead into the birth. The theme, which was given in spiritual seeing, the fifth center the visuddha cakra, the sixteen-petalled lotus flower, unfolds themself, while the consciousness can become free from the body in maintaining the concentration, in complete presence, independent from access to the quickly ready over-arching will potential and finally also free from premature intuitive thought combinations.


Although this concentration corresponds with the sixth center, the presence of consciousness with clear uprightness and alertness, and - as we spoke of in the Medical course - with consciously held interruption phases in opposition to the well-known habitual reactions of the mind, is a fundamental requirement. The intellectualism or the emotional grip of thought content shall be consciously disrupted for moments, so that an awareness for the cause and their presence may occur. In this discipline lies that force of Mars, which

stabilizes towards the inside of the body and which promotes towards outside opposite the nerve-sense system the alertness and presence .


As a task for the participants of the Spiritual Seeing, it seems to me for personal learning development very useful, for example, on a good page to write down this process, of how realizing-knowledge will be developed through the exercise. What reactions of mind are to be avoided and which are to be kept up in every way and to promote? The writing down of the development of concentration within the exercise should lead to all processes in the knowledge-work being flexible and applicable at any time.


(Here were omitted the further technical thoughts of Heinz Grill for physicians)

The meeting in the courses twice a year I consider to be a very important uplifting work and hope they will continue to succeed in alert participation in the future. I have for simplicity put these remarks about the spiritual look and the medical course together, since on the theme they can also certainly be of mutual interest.


With best wishes, Heinz Grill