Heinz Grill – the founder of this path of realising knowledge

Heinz Grill, Geistiges Schauen
Heinz Grill, author, alpinist, yoga teacher, expert in the field of spirituality

Heinz Grill (heinz-grill.de/en), born 1960 in Soyen, a small town in southern Germany, dedicates his life as a spiritual teacher to the synthesis between spirit and earth, and would like to encourage people in their development. Many people are seeking the encounter with this author, speaker and mountaineer, because in the direct meeting he can initiate a soul-spiritual building-up, for through his person a Christian-spiritual impulse is effective.  Since such a statement may appear ambiguous, it is illustrated in the following way.


First of all, within this impulse the word ‘Christian’ is conceived as non-denominational specific. It does not refer to a traditional religion. Also any form of a new Christian or different belief should not be inaugurated with it. The term "Christian spiritual” rather says, in each person, regardless of their denomination or faith, a divine seed is at rest, awaiting is awakening, and subsequent active implementation into earthly life, and through the encounter with Heinz Grill even finds a first awakening.  More specifically, this means that Heinz Grill, as a person who can give such an impulse, opens new perspectives in the encounter, which step beyond the personal and always encompasses both the development of others as well as the surroundings. Finally, overcoming past limitations are aimed at in individual development as well as in the whole of cultural life.


But since it is necessary for the development of the consciousness of man of today, to not just passively receive a beneficial impulse, but rather to implement life and spiritual goals through ones own forces of the self, we find founded by Heinz Grill a spiritual training in which the main content is the intrinsically active individual realisation of the receiving impulse, to consistently watch against opposition, having investigated and thus penetrating deeply into the various areas and themes of life.


All statements in Heinz Grill’s publications and all exercise steps developed by him, have been arduously won and for this reason are authentic, in this way they have been permeated by his personal strength to realise knowledge and from personal experience. Heinz Grill describes in his own words his research as follows: 


 "All steps that I teach today, had to be acquired under welding, sacrifice, ambition and long-lasting discipline. No single asana (Yoga Exercise) were placed in me as a birthright, and each extra-sensory perception cost a persistent confrontation to the next higher forms of reality ."


His greatest strength lies, however, according to his own words in the ability to connect people towards the awaiting spiritual possibilities or even to promote already existing connections from such possibilities, and to unfold into their own new perspectives. Out of the new or yet better formed relationships the individual can in their personality develop an ‘I’ substance and express their potential more freely into the world.


The courses and seminars in Italy, such as the seminar of "Spiritual Seeing", the "Research Group for Medicine" or "Asana training" are all moderated by Heinz Grill in accordance with the ideal that, each participant finds their individual position in the joint work of looking at and exploring a theme, but still all build together in a connected way, the chosen theme into expansion.