Seminar "Spiritual Seeing":

September 24 - 26, 2021
Beginning Friday 18:00 h, ending Sunday around 13:00 h
Location: Casa artistica di Barbara, Lundo, Nort Italy

Moderation: Heinz Grill

we deal with the topic


„The task of building and realising is an obligation of each individual person in total independent responsibility.
This responsibility of the self and maturing of the self is wanted by the spiritual hierarchies."
Heinz Grill  (Quote from his outlook for 2021, part 5)

In this course weekend we want to deal with the topic of responsibility. What does the term 'responsibility' mean, how is it defined and understood in different contexts? What does it mean for a soul-spiritual image of man?

There is, as described in the above quotation by Heinz Grill, a personal responsibility for one's own development and, connected with this, also for being active in the world. But man can and must also be ready to take responsibility for a greater whole or for the others and thereby be able to take himself completely back. Thus, there were and are always people who courageously stand up for a higher goal or an ideal even though they expose themselves to discredit and exclusion.


Contributions and presentations by participants are welcome and can be communicated in advance by e-mail: info(at)


The learning is never theoretical in manner, but leads directly in a building up of soul forces, which contribute to health, order and stability throughout the entire environment.


With best wishes,

Barbara Keppler

Accommodation options

Clubhotel, Lago di Tenno, Tel. +39 0464 502031, info (at)

Hotel La Pineta, Fiavé, Tel. +39 0465 735046, info (at)

Ca de mel, Fiavé, Tel. +39 0465 73 60 16, info (at)

Appartamenti Stanga Ivo, Tenno, Tel. +39 3282699705, info (at)

Casariga Agriturismo B&B, Poia, Tel. +39 3336830517 Elisa, info (at)
Casa della Bellezza, Tenno, Tel. +39 348 565 62 21, info (at)
Nido di Rondine B&B, Lundo, Tel. +39 328 2134340
Agritur Maso Marocc, Poia, Comano Terme, Tel. +39 0465 702098, info (at)


The training takes place within the framework of the valid Corona hygiene rules.
Information (including downloadable forms) on the current entry requirements for Italy can be found, for example, on the website Government Digital Service.

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Barbara Keppler


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