Developing a spiritual-soul capacity to realise knowledge

Our wish

We would like to show on these pages a founded, methodical path to realise knowledge that is based on the laws of the spiritual world, which are as clear and as concrete as the laws of mathematics. In contrast to conventional science, in this research the soul powers of man in themself become the observing instrument, but these do not, like the ordinary instruments in the process of research, increasingly wear themselves out but increasingly become more refined.


It is a basic principle for people on this path not to be led into their inner world, as is the case on a classical yoga path, but to bring a person into relationship with the spiritual and therefore also to the earthly outer  world. The meaning of spiritual seeing as described here is an intensive, awake and deliberate respect filled relationship to an object.


“We must not imagine spiritual seeing is,

as if a veil is taken away and suddenly we see everything,

but rather we are required to invest a part of ourselves,

that we have imprinted certain subtle feelings and specific

thoughts for what takes place in the subtle world.” (Heinz Grill)


From where do we get the strength, hope and belief in a beneficial, developmental affirming future?

If there had not been people who give and continue to give, who give this soul substance through their personal life into the world, then others would be more than ever led to despair and to decay.

The ideal or the perfection of man can be seen in his responsibility,  that he with his search for knowledge and the progression of  a capacity to realise knowledge  not only develops itself,  but above all this, that he gives to fellow human beings, nature and the cosmos, beneficial substances, which are so desperately needed. 


Spirituality, as it is understood by Heinz Grill, is not about withdrawing into an interior and turning away from the world outside because a person perceives themself as tragic, nor is it about gaining for oneself “enlightenment’, but spirituality is a gift to the world, which people can give in their own efforts towards knowledge and development.

To note, in the following sentences Rudolf Steiner gave this for every seeker.


"All knowledge, which you choose,

only to enrich your knowledge,

only to accumulate treasures within you,

leads away from your path;

but any knowledge, which you choose,

to ripening become on the path of human-refining

and worlds-development,

brings you a step forward. "


This law asks inexorably its observance. And one is not an esoteric pupil before one has made this law a guiding principle to life. This truth of spiritual training can be summarized in the following short sentence:


"Every idea, which to you does not become an Ideal,

kills in your soul a force;

every idea, which is the Ideal,

creates in you life-forces. "


(From: "How to Know Higher Worlds" by Rudolf Steiner)

This path of realising knowledge will be practiced, researched and expanded, in a regularly held course titled ‘Spiritual Seeing’.

It takes place twice a year in Italy, under the moderation and led by Heinz Grill, and interested parties are welcome to contact us through this site or to sign up for a course.


The courses take place under the sponsorship of the association held to promote spiritual and social cultural impulses.


We recommend you read the summary of previous courses. For newcomers it would also be helpful to have already read texts by Heinz Grill as pointed to on this website, since one is then a bit more familiar with what at first may be an unfamiliar use of different terms. We suggest you read the first chapter of "The Essence mystery of the soul" by Heinz Grill.


We appreciate your interest and look forward to receive an email. 


Günther Pauli


Seminar in Egypt


Egypt travel - The social process and the developing of a spiritual-soul capacity to realise knowledge


From from the 2nd to the 09 december 2017 in Luxor

Speaker: Heinz Grill

Training to recognize different forces in the soul


View from the hotel to the garden and to the river Nil with the clearly egypt light sphere


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