Self-determination in times of increasing suggestion and manipulation

In almost all areas of life, in increasing measures, suggestion and manipulation appear as a seemingly contemporary means of choice to achieve the respective goals. With manipulative product advertising, one-sided or incomplete media coverage, finely tuned psychological misrepresentations or already obvious manipulations the citizen will easily be taken for certain endeavours. Each suggestion or manipulation prevents the individual from receiving a founding expertise, which would grant them an increasing freedom to be able to decide independently between different possibilities. They are enveloped in an untrue statement, which as such they do not notice. A suggestion actually forms a shell around the addressee, within which they are un-free and diminished in their personal decision making power. The more in this way an individual standpoint gets lost in the individual, all the more dwindles their maturing self-determination and it will always be easier to put through economic, politic or religious interests.

Suggestions and manipulations weaken the human being in their integrity, right down into their physical health. They are in their debilitating effects in today’s psychology, however, still paid too little attention as the cause or intensifier of various disorders. But they can also, in a positive sense, now be taken as an opportunity to practice independently, in an objective view to the given conditions, and to develop ones own skills to the forming of a clear judgment. The forming of insightful knowledge can be directed to all manifestations of daily life, for example, on people, food, nature, on events, products, meetings and so on.

The beginning of a practice causes already an inner stabilizating and strengthening in the practitioner. Through schooling, a clear imagination and thought formation, also finer mental movement directions and motives, which are not perceptible with the external senses, can be researched.


'A clear forming of insightful knowledge and spiritual seein is the regenerating activity, which the individual can perform. It strengthens and stabilizes the human being.'
 Heinz Grill


The term "spiritual seeing" may seem a bit misleading at first glance, because it is often understood as a discipline, which one simply seeks out to satisfy their curiosity about certain extra-sensory phenomena. This term as used here, describes a necessary and helpful basis for the ordinary everyday existence. For example, to distinguish a lie from a sincere and true statement or a manipulation in an account, requires not only the job of the detective. Each citizen in face of the many lies and manipulations, by which they are surrounded, needs for their soul’s stability the capacity to be able to differentiate and recognise the being of truth and that of false information.


The more the individual citizen develops their soul-spiritual cognitive powers, all the more easier it will be for them to tread their personal development path independent of external and internal authorities.

The longing for a more individual and less and less ‘levelled’ or ‘group-like’ development lies hidden in the innermost of every modern person. To be in your judgement powers, and not to be subject to your own projections and associating feelings, requires, as a rule, a solid schooling. For this purpose the training course ‘Spiritual Seeing’ and, to a greater extent, the training as ‘Educator for Social Integrity and Meditation’, offer the opportunity to continue over a longer period of time, to practice and train the capacity for concrete viewing, for objective imagination-forming, to thought-forming and concentration and finally to the first finer and differentiated perceptions, which can also be called "super-sensible".