Increasing the competence of the immune system through consciousness forming exercises

Article by Heinz Grill, 16. März 2020

The electron microscope generates this image of the corona virus.
The electron microscope generates this image of the corona virus.

Viruses, in contrast to bacteria, are not directly identifiable under ordinary microscopic examination. With the electron microscope are recognisable clues to a kind of substance, which allows the conclusion of a virus. Yet the virus remains, as it is shown for example in the corona, with pointed teeth and a body, purely model.


A comparative analysis of the Rabies virus, which can cause the dangerous and feared disease of rabies in humans and animals, leads back to a very old time in human history. Already in ancient Greece and at the time of Themison 125 years before Christ, there were a number of indications about rabies and its risk of infection, which can reach humans from the animal kingdom. So there were already viruses, which could not be recognized as such. The contagion and transmission routes were, however, very well known through observation.1)


A spiritual research to the Virus allows more the recognition of the so-called being as the real  substantial component. What is a being? The differentiation between an inner and an outer, an invisible metaphysical and a deeper lying part, to an outer recognisable phenomena or at least the mechanism of action that can be read from the reactions, is nothing other than the differentiation between being and appearance. When one speaks of beings, one means the inner so-called astral origin of a thing, which each phenomenal reality has as an underlying basis. The being of rabies is a highly aggressive so-called "moon being", so to speak, as if the moon with its silvery sickle showed foaming outlines and biting teeth.2) The planet actually has a wide variety of inner forms of expression, or if you simply name them, the most diverse beings.


The pale light of the moon is penetrating, it promotes rampant growth and reproduction.
The pale light of the moon is penetrating, it promotes rampant growth and reproduction.

The satellite of the moon and the virus
All viruses are moon-imprinted and have the characteristic that they themselves cannot produce their own light existence. Not a single virus has its own metabolism. They, therefore, need a host organism with which they connect secretly and symbiotically so that they can increase half of their existence and gain a right to exist within the living environment. The corona virus is nowhere near as aggressive as the rabies virus. It is not neurotropic, but more effective in the nasal, pharynx and lung area. If you look at this virus in a metaphysical way, that is, according to its nature, as it appears, you will be amazed at its lack of jaggedness and its pale, subdued appearance. It does not appear to be super aggressive, but more enveloping, creeping, slowly tainting people. Nevertheless, it is a pure foreign body and places opposition to the healthy development of the course of life.


The rabies virus came about at a time when humans were able to make a strange discovery for the first time and this is expressed in the vicious seduction for comfort. Until ancient times, the world of comfort was a completely useless reality for humans, as unsuitable as if someone only wanted to stay in a warm bed today and shy away from any activity. However, by discovering comfort and learning to indulge in it with emotional feelings of bliss, he literally sent a destructive force to the creation of the world and a virus entered the animal kingdom, causing a violent attack on the nervous system with aggression and fighting to the point of inevitable death. Not from animals to humans but from behaviours, which human development spawned, spread the virus, who passed it to the animal kingdom.


The corona virus and its spiritual background
There is another trait in human existence, which appeals more to the comfortable and depraved mind-power, and that is the tendency to withdraw from a responsible act, from a project that has started, or from an organized team. On a spiritual schooling these retreats are well known. As long as the participant can receive sympathetic and uplifting energies, they remain positive and share a joyful mood, from that moment, from which they have consequences, in the sense of overcoming negative qualities in themself and the development of beneficial altruistic pious-filled and wisdom-filled efforts, they go over into retreat. Perhaps they reject the spiritual direction they had begun or they take on a kind of petty, self-moralizing position and tell themself in their conscience, that all training is too difficult and not suitable for life. They go, in any case, very happily into retreat and would rather look after their grandmother, before risking the risk of a wide, responsible and opening spirituality.


The sun-like potential of their active soul gives way to what appears to be safe and comfortable action. The more people this tendency to withdraw from spiritual responsibility and basically from once promised agreements, all the more arises in the entire cosmos an imbalance and a kind of being must now be born, a virus, which like a corrective, steps closer to the human being. Those people, however, who secure their own position and energy in retreat never get sick, while an endless number of many impartial and weaker people can be hard hit.


The moon needs the power of the sun so that its secretly creeping and restless inflammatory distress can withdraw. There are people who are very rich, but who in reality do not live at all, who bathe in the excess and comfort of being and who radiate the forces of their senseless way of life into the cosmos. They have nothing else to do, other than talk badly about others and start avalanches from projections against third parties. They are almost like the picture of a crescent moon, which keeps a big mouth open and devours all the remaining light. They feel the thrust, for example, that they cannot live without this absorbing, consensual power.  Hence, they know how to suggest their opinions to others and to how to secretly litter humanity with lies. At the same time, they are insatiable, hungry and equipped with a consciousness of devious cunning. The corona virus develops on the basis of manipulation. It can therefore be said that humanity primarily and not nature, generates the virus.

Exercises to develop sustainable consciousness powers
A sun power arises not only through exposure to the outer sun. However, this is valuable because it can stimulate the immune system and the peculiar foreign controls, which viruses cause right into the cell's control systems, hold back. The right sun-power would, however, be gained through the development of the consciousness. When the power of thought in relationship to the feeling reaches sufficient unfolding, a power begins to shine in the human being, which is similar to the sun. It’s like a lamp igniting in the individual. The pale light, caused by the virus, gives way to a bright, immediate glow.


The path for this consciousness development cannot tolerate withdrawals, because it calls for active objective, establishing of relationship. Content rich confrontation, persistence to activity, logical and objective observations, reflective power and concrete thoughtful work are extremely strengthening. This activity, if you shape it in the form of regular practice, can be described as a form of consciousness or as a soul exercise. The practitioner can, therefore, sets themself the goal to study for three days, a topic in an insightful way, until they come to a depth of perception and a first inner insight. The question that is asked so often, whether the coronavirus is as dangerous when it is propagated or whether it is harmless, asks for a quick response from an expert. As the individual, however, appropriates real thoughts about the clinical picture and about the virus, they win, based on the phenomenon, which they now no longer experience as a threat, but learns to recognize a right immune power and they will, for example, not remain in fear retreating behaviour, but is able to put themself into life with certain feelings.


In the book ‘Exercises for the soul’ I describe the objective recognising-knowledge process. If these exercises are carried out carefully and rhythmically integrated into life, so they strengthen the sun-like consciousness carrying power and this leads to a favourable immune competence.

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1. The electron microscope shows visible changes in the cells infected by the virus, which are pathognomonic, and hence characteristic and specific to the virus attack. For example, the Negri bodies in rabies disease. These are "virus factories" located inside the cell. The morphological sequelae that the virus triggers through its actions in the cell are mappable.

2. If the brain is infected by a large number of Rabies viruses, violent symptoms develop with uncontrollable fits of rage and raging anger (Latin rabies). As a result, painful spasms of the pharyngeal muscles occur, which prevent swallowing and let the saliva drip from the mouth. Eventually, progressive paralysis occurs that ultimately prevents breathing.