Letter from Heinz Grill after the seminar, 05.10.2015

Dear participants of Spiritual Seeing course,   


The work at the weekend showed that through the relationship to the theme and the work of building-up, in the sense of building-up thought, slowly the so-called 5th centre on the larynx came more to a first hint of and unfolding. This impression was relatively visible in the course.


However, the time at the end was short and so some questions for self-examination could not be asked. These questions in the sense of a reflective examination can support the profound individual learning steps. There is always the danger that in the stress and demands of life, the spiritual content recedes and slowly disappears from consciousness.


To me it seems favorable, to practice with exact formulations of words and consciously chosen relationship orientation of thoughts, which have been discussed this weekend. A recollection of the content should not itself, be lost in the subjectivity of the mind, it should rather to a wideness continue to slowly grow and strive with best intentions in thought images and thought content.


Rudolf Steiner writes in ‘the Initiation’: ‘The 3rd process refers to speaking.  Only what has sense and meaning should come from the lips of the secret-student.  All speech for the sake of speaking will take him from his path. The ordinary kind of conversation, where it’s haphazard and talking about everything all at once, the secret-student should avoid.’


The participant connects the choice and development of the words with some of the eight characteristics of the vishuddha cakra, such as, the right idea-formation, the right striving or the right learning, so lies in the development written as well as spoken words, a very important discipline for the development of the sixteen petalled lotus blossom on the larynx.


For the following questions, it would be useful to answer in writing or in another appropriate manner.

Maybe someone wants to practice in small groups and communicate the importance of the spoken word in short presentations to others. Important, is arguably, the exercise in the kind of formulation, the choice of words and references to be produced within the thoughts and words. In answering these questions attention should, therefore, be drawn to an exoteric intelligibility as well as to the best possible relationship of the words. An answer to a question, such as: "What is the substantiality of the vishuddha cakra?"  the words "Astral substance", is inadequate or ultimately meaningless for forming knowledge and for truly fortunate communication towards others. To formulate the answer slowly with descriptive connections, leads to a deeper seeing and perceiving of the yet still mysterious metaphysical event. 


What is the soul light and how does it show itself in its first indications at the centre by the larynx?


What does Rudolf Steiner mean, when he speaks of that light of the soul, which shines in colours on the larynx? What is the astral light in this centre?


The following additional questions should go to a first answer containing a substantial relationship, best of all even in writing.


This reworking would, in the sense of a continuing training, be very useful, so that a further striving and approach to these spiritual thoughts takes place.


Why does a meditation practitioner use imaginative thoughts and images in relation to the contemplation of a flower, a candle, or other physically visible objects?


How is the so-called reflecting back ether in the concentration education. What conditions are necessary so that the reflecting back ether slowly finds its centre?


What significance has the content in goal orientation, as well as in the external sense of life? Why does the person who is striving for realisation not live just in the day and awaits what opportunities flow towards them, but sets goals oneself and forms oneself increasingly with further idea about certain phenomena in life or about fellow human beings?


What results out of a spiritual view are to be expected, when the aspirant studies a philosopher, a wise man and their life?


How do the thoughts work, with an interested approach on another human being or a kind of spirit-reading, back again on the striving aspirant?


Why is it not necessary and maybe even counter productive if somebody would meditate for hours in a day?   


How can the 5th centre be experienced in connection with language and the expression of language through the speaking human being?


What criteria can continue to lead the development of a first metaphysical comprehension of this region?


Why do you need to use wider criteria to be able to see this centre?


What meaning lies in the gesture of the opening or moving outwards to the outer, and how can the arrow shape that is formed from the middle outwards, be explained in the sense of a metaphysical movement?


What role takes therein the ether body and how can, with a first description, the opening ether take place?


With these questions a further continuation can still take place. While at least some of these questions are taken up and reach a formulation, prepared in this way, at best can the practitioner communicate further these first answers in a somewhat exoteric way to third parties, developing themself both with the forming of idea as well as the harmony in establishing relationship.To note, in the formulation of an answer, the aspirant themself puts more practice into the description and in the approach, and does not depend on making a definite final answer. The path leads to approaching and to growing clarification, to a slow increase in perception and finally to realizing-knowledge.


However, the practitioner will not be able to perceive the resulting slow, extra sensory development of realizing knowledge. As long as the practitioner becomes dependent on the so-called opening of a definite clairvoyance, they lose the free and creative reference of thought, which on their potential way in their light radiation, brings the realisation of knowledge closer to human consciousness.


With this inspiration, I remain, in addition a short meeting can take place by appointment on a Saturday in Lundo in smaller groups for training the formulation possibilities. For the decision to a first certifying step, to me it seems very important that this craft in word formulation and relating joyful logic in communication, by most, should once again be practiced.


I hope these suggestions inspire the goal-motivations and am pleased to receive reactions, responses and perhaps also to meet again soon.


With best wishes, Heinz Grill