Dear interested person,


The courses for spiritual seeing take place on two weekends per year, whereby participation can take place either as a guest or in the context of a certification course, as a registered participant.


Next training date is from 7 to 9 September 2018.

Beginning Friday 18:00hr, ending Sunday around 13:00hr.



The content for this weekend is the further development of recognising the being of knowledge, as practiced in the training in January 2018. How does the individual recognize the suggestions and manipulations, which emanate from people? Also in their speeches and text, how do they show a clear imagination, free thought and subtle feeling? How can motives and the different beings be recognized?


These considerations will be further explored in the approaching seminar. Contributions and presentations by participants are welcome and can be communicated in advance by e-mail.

The learning is never theoretical in manner, but leads directly in a building up of soul forces, which contribute to health, order and stability throughout the entire environment.


The venue for the event is Clubhotel am Tennosee, located 15 minutes by car from Riva del Garda / Lake Garda in Trentino, northern Italy. (Club hotel: Località Lago di Tenno 22, 38060 Tenno TN, Italia)


Registrations must be sent at least 10 days before the start of the course by e-mail or via the contact form under "Contact / Registration".


On request, between the two training dates, there is the possibility to organize individual study days for continuing practice. A deepening can also take place through participation in the public meditations with Heinz Grill, which take place once or twice a month on Saturdays in Lundo near Comano Terme / Trentino.